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In the interludes between creating his major works,
Eric produces a number of smaller, simpler, & less costly pieces,
which make ideal gifts.

Like all his sculptures, each piece is unique,
completely hand-carved by Eric from selected olive wood,
and finished to the same high standard as the rest of his work.

A selection of his small sculptures & candle holders is featured here,
all available to buy on-line.

All dimensions are shown as height x width x depth in cm.

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Small Sculptures 


Mobile Wildlife red

For a wideWorkshop 1
Elleni 1range
of gifts to suit
all budgets
Elleni’s Workshop

Olive wood sculpture Sister Mary




Sister Mary
Dimensions  29.5
x 16.5 x 9
Price 125 euros

Abstract 1red Abstract 1
42 x 48 x 5 (Wall-hanging)
Price €140

Friar John Friar John
Dimensions  20.5 x 19 x 8
Price 110 euros

Toadstool Houses 1red Magic Mushrooms
Left: 35 x 11 x 6
Price €95

Right: 28 x 11x 10
Price €95

Babes in the Wood 1red Babes in the Wood
31 x 10 x 6
Price €115


Abstract 2red




Abstract 2
30 x 11 x 7
Price €95

Abstract 3red


Abstract 3
22 x 13 x 9
Price €65

Olive wood sculpture Lady Jane Lady Jane
34 x 7 x 8
Price €125

P1080123ared Fishing Boat 1
Painted Olive-wood, hand-rigged
Free- standing or wall-hanging
25 x 33 x 7
Price 180 euros

P1080125ared Fishing Boat 2
Painted Olive-wood, hand-rigged
Free- standing or wall-hanging
29 x 39 x 8
Price 180 euros



All candle-holders are designed to hold a standard tea light. 
Where shown, they are also drilled to hold an incense stick.

Dimensions 13 x 18 x 6.5
Price 68 euros

Light in the Eye 2
Dimensions 7 x 9.5 x 7.5
Price 48 euros

Candlestick 1red Candlestick 1
45 x 46 x 32
PricePrice €140


Candlestick 7red Candlestick 7
13 x 17 x 6
Price €38


Candlestick 3red Candlestick 3
28 x 12 x 12
Price €55

Candlestick 2red



Candlestick 2
32 x 15 x 18
Price €95

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